Get your learn on.


Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.
— Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi knows what's up because you can apply the quote to your business. If you keep learning, you can breath life into your business.

I can teach you...

how to think about your web PRESENCE

Web presence means a few things and requires some thought. I find that my most successful clients add this service to their design package because they recognize the need to get the full picture. We talk about how your website, social media presence, newsletter, blog, and search engine optimization (SEO) all interact and provide different layers of importance to help your customers find you.

how to use squarespace

Squarespace is intuitive once you get the hang of it. I can teach you how to use the sections of your website that you need to operate your day-to-day business and initiate marketing strategies through your site.

best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) + Blogging

SEO is how you get found on the internet. There are some fundamentals that all business owners need to think about, I can teach you the basic best practices or help you dive deeper into that world as your knowledge base increases.

to use photography in your business

Whether you have a camera or use your phone, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to create more effective social media and blog posts.

Standard Rate

$170 an hour for one-on-one attention geared directly for your business - Average Client Cost $500 to $1,000

$500 per one-on-one workshop, $250 for each additional employee






+ Commercial Photography | starting at $500
+ Graphic Design | starting at $500
+ Logo Design & Branding | starting at $1000
+ SEO - Search Engine Optimization | starting at $500
+ Google Analytics setup | $500

+ Blogging + Content Creation | starting at $800
+ Social Media Setup | starting at $300
+ Videography | starting at $300
+ Website + Technical Training | starting at $170