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The Ginger Pig is an award-winning food truck and a great story. This was a cradle-to-success project and I'm proud to have been chosen to bring it to life. We wanted to center the focus on the food and to tell their unique and somewhat unlikely story. We started with just a name and worked as a team to develop the brand and marketing strategy into what it is today.


The Ginger Pig is a fantastic example of how branding and a great product can lead to success. It took Natascha a year to bring the truck to life. We put a lot of effort into building a brand that would bring guests to the truck and she delivered excellent food. She really understood how important it is to have a great concept and marketing plan in place because people really do judge a book by it's cover. Congratulations to Natascha for winning Westword Magazine's 2018 Best of Denver award for Best Food Truck/Cart and a big thank you to everyone who supported her brand.




+ Comprehensive Branding Package
+ Food Truck Wrap Design
+ Responsive Website Design
+ SEO - Search Engine Optimization
+ Blog posts and training
+ Events Calendar
+ Updatable Menu for Client
+ Social Media Setup
+ Squarespace Setup
+ G Suite Email Setup
+ Commercial Photography


Branding Goals



Colors + Logo

Represent their home state of Colorado.
Represent Ginger, the Pig.
Represent a new beginning.
Represent the peace felt while cooking.

Rolled into...
An Asian Street Style Food Truck


It's a wrap, A Food Truck Wrap.

Using Colorado's state colors, we created a fun design that adhered to their branding goals while focusing on the zen-like state that cooking brings the owner and adds that wow factor to draw people in to try their food.

The Sunny Action Shot   photo by  Annabelle Denmark  for The Ginger Pig

The Sunny Action Shot

photo by Annabelle Denmark for The Ginger Pig


Printed Branding

+ Logo Design
+ Business Cards
+ Truck Wrap
+ Hats, Shirt, Apron
+ Stickers and Tattoos


Responsive Web Design



The Ginger Pig's website needed to draw people in before the truck hit the road. We started on the Wordpress platform and planned the launch in the middle of winter to give the truck enough time to be found. Imagery, the wrap design, and the owner's story was integral to the success of the launch. Our plan worked, through the branding and marketing strategy we developed, the truck was booked with 64 events before it was even wrapped!

We had to migrate to Squarespace for the start of the truck's second season as the owner found the Wordpress user interface slow, clunky, and too awkward to make simple menu and calendar changes, so we made the switch. During the owner's training session, she noticed the difference immediately and hasn't looked back.

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