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Beautiful responsive websites built with Squarespace


What exactly is Responsive Website Design?

Responsive web design is today's gold standard and the behind-the-scenes magic that gives your website the flexibility and fluidity to appropriately resize itself for whatever device you view the site with. Much like when water is poured into different containers, the water takes the shape of the container it's in, content is the "water" of a website that can resize and adjust to fit an iPad, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop screen. People access your site from multiple platforms, it's essential to have a site that meets your consumers' viewing needs or they'll move on to the next business in their search results. I can help you retain potential customers with a website that meets today's standard of best practices.

Squarespace Focused

I have built websites for small business from scratch, using Bootstrap, WordPress, and 3dCart. Obviously, most businesses want something that works, is simple, and doesn't require a lot of maintenance or ongoing expense. Bootstrap, WordPress, and 3dCart are three examples that deliver on that, for the most part.

To a small business owner, the learning curve for the Content Management System (CMS) can be very steep and overwhelming to maintain or build a site. I recommend Squarespace as the all-in-one CMS of choice. They will host and maintain your site on top of offering flexibility and features that make it one of the most powerful and cost-effective solutions on which to build your web presence. Added bonus, it’s a visually impressive system.

Squarespace has an eCommerce platform they call, Squarespace Commerce. Commerce is available on all their current templates and can quickly get you started selling your wares online. Another added bonus, knowing that all the templates are compatible with their Commerce system is great for any small business that wants to scale up to an online shop when they're ready. If you're moving from Big Cartel, Etsy, or Shopify, fear not, Squarespace will let you import your products into their system.

Squarespace can be a little daunting for some users – especially when trying to establish a new site. I will help you overcome the initial hurdles of setting up, designing, architecting, and implementing your new site to ensure you achieve the best possible results and truly take advantage of all features available.

When I'm done, clients usually only need to focus on the blog and/or shop portion of the system, cutting the learning curve down considerably.

While it takes experience to build a site accurately with Squarespace, site maintenance can be done by non-technical users. As you become more familiar with the admin interface, content addition and changes, user administration, and other site maintenance tasks can be easily completed. This gives you control of your own website. It cuts down on your ongoing maintenance costs since you won't need someone else to handle the day-to-day tasks of managing and maintaining your website. This allows you to spend your budget more effectively on strategic changes rather than on routine maintenance. If you just don't have the time, I offer content creation services on an 'as needed' or 'recurring basis'.


    Additional Highlights

    • Squarespace is very actively maintained. It's like having your own IT department whose "out of the box" features are frequently updated for both functionality and security.
    • Squarespace Commerce cart system allows you to sell up to 1,000 products on your site. Each Products Page can have up to 200 products, and each product can have up to 100 variants.
    • Squarespace Commerce also allows you to offer gift certificates, receive donations, sell digital products, collect info with forms, process payments, charge tax, calculate shipping, and more.
    • Squarespace is widely used and broadly supported.  There are currently over 1 million websites running Squarespace.
    • Healthy selection of beautifully-designed templates to choose from, Squarespace truly is in a league of their own in this regard.
    • SEO is built into the system for users to initiate and maintain through their system.
    • Has its own analytics but also supports Google Analytics, which absolutely should be connected to your website.
    • Award-winning 24/7 customer support with email replies within an hour. Live chat is available 9am to 4pm EST, Monday through Friday. You can also delegate any issues to me.
    • Excellent tutorials


    In the internet age, your website is one of the most important parts of your business.
    If people love your website, they'll love your business too.