self portrait - 2017

self portrait - 2017

Clytie Sadler is a multi-talented designer and photographer who grew up on Aquidneck Island, just off the Rhode Island coast.

Growing up with a mother who painted, sculpted, and designed jewelry gave Clytie a rich, layered upbringing in the arts. She learned how to make jewelry and see light in a new way. Clytie got her start in photography when her dad taught her how to develop film at the age of seven. From that point on, she took photography courses and workshops whenever offered.

Equally interested in maps and the earth, Clytie graduated with a BS in Earth & Geographic Sciences. This included technical certifications in Geographic Information Systems and Hydrogeology.

She moved easily into the world of science, excelled in the art of mapmaking and naturally fell into mixed media arts.

A designer, photographer and cartographer, she further developed her technical skills in web and graphic design, seamlessly merging the two diverse disciplines of science and creative arts. Clytie had rejoined the arts in the digital world as a technical artist.

Word spread of her growing expertise and friends and other artists asked her to design and build websites, create graphic imagery and develop logos for their businesses. It became a full-fledged business, and she hasn’t looked back.

After spending twenty years in Boston, Clytie created a cozy space in Connecticut to call home. These days she can be found walking with her dog Rex in the early morning hours. Clytie has a deep love for watermelon and feels awkward and strange speaking in the third person.


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